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A smart grid is a power network which is based on digital technology is used to supply power, via two-way digital communications. A smart grid system allows for monitoring, analysis, control and communication within the supply chain and helps improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and cost, and maximize the transparency and reliability of the energy supply chain. The smart grid was introduced with the aim of overcoming the weaknesses of conventional electrical grids by using smart meters.
Smart grid technology has been employed by two-way communication introduced for controlling the use of appliances by However, the widespread presence of Internet access in most homes has made the smart grid more practically reliable to implement.
Smart grid is equally advantageous for
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The main purpose of the Smart Grid is to control the appliances at consumers’ homes to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability and transparency.
Smart grid is a modern electric system which uses advanced information and communication technologies to improve efficiency, reliability, and safety in electric power distribution and management .Smart grid applications generate a large volume of data, which is required to be transferred to the control center in time. Therefore, reliable and prompt data communications are critical for smart grid.
Smart grid communication architecture is typically comprised of three interconnected networks: Wide Area Network (WAN), Neighborhood Area Network (NAN), and Home Area Network (HAN) .HAN collects the data from the home appliances. NAN transmits the data from HANs and other collectors to WAN. WAN forwards the data from NANs to the data

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