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= The future of Smart Home Technology A smart home is where two physical devices interconnected to each other by remote controllers. A smart home technology called as Home automation, which provides security, comfort and energy efficiency by allowing a smartphone. The smart home hub is a device which acts as central part of the smart home and is able to sense data with wireless communication. IOT (Internet of things) plays a crucial role in smart home technology. These devices share user’s data between two devices. Raspberry Pi is the technology we use for building a smart home. Nowadays, we use technologies like Zigbee and Z-wave for protocol communication in building a smart home. - Smart TVs, connected to the internet to access any apps like music and videos.It includes…show more content…
Some of the smart home technologies going to happen in future: 1. Automated robot: Automated robots devices like Irobots used a lot in the smart home for cleaning the floor, serving food and drinks to guests, picking up the dirt and others. A sensor system placed on the human’s arm, therefore it can be controlled by embedding touchscreen and also answers the voice commands given by a human. 2. Smart Appliances: Nowadays, every product in the market is becoming smarter. In the market, we can purchase refrigerators, washing machines and other devices with enabled with touchscreen displays. This will make more convenient and human lives easier.For example, imagine a washing machine washed the clothes and dries it for you when you got into the washing room- ordered by a human through the phone. 3. Smart Lighting controls: Turning on and off the lights were done by using a smartphone or automated system. It will check the people in the room and according to that light will be adjusted. It also has the sensor like, if anyone enters the room light will be on. 4.Smart

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