Essay On Smart Nutrition For Elderly

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Ensuring Smart Nutrition for the Elderly –
What Should Be in Their Meal

Oldsters love everybody in the family. They take care of everyone. You grandfather always has the best of advice for you. Your grandmother always has time for you. You can go and see them anytime. They will remind you to have your meals on time, but when it comes to taking care of themselves, your grandparents are quite bad at it, aren’t they?
In old age, appetite suppresses and energy decreases. They don’t eat much because of suppressed appetite. Sometimes they even skip their meals. Because of that, most older people aren’t able to lead a very active lifestyle. The fact is, a large number of older people are undernutrition.
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They will keep your grandparents away from heart diseases, apart from strengthening their bones and joints.
Beans –
Beans contain a bagful of nutrients. They are packed with carbohydrates, fiber, folate, iron, and protein. There are a variety of beans, all having different nutritional value. Some of the healthiest beans you should ensure your grandparents are taking on a routine basis are – kidney beans, black beans, lima beans, among others.
Fruits and Vegetables –
Colorful fruits and vegetables provide pure, heavy supply of fresh nutrients. Raw is great, but some vegetables need to be half-cooked before eating. Plenty of fruits and vegetables should be included in your grandparents’ diet every day.
Tips for Smart Nutrition for Grandparent
Now that you know what should be there on your grandparents’ meal plate, it’s time for a few quick tips to ascertain smart nutrition for them –
• Have breakfast with them. If it is not possible, make sure they are having their breakfast on time and are not skipping it.
• Fiber-rich foods do away several intestine-related problems such as constipation. Make sure that your grandfather and grandmother are having an adequate dose of fiber every
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