Essay On Smartphone And Social Media

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The use of Smartphone and Social Media in the Health Care System Have you notice that in every one or two people seen on the road, in grocery stores, in shopping centers, and in hospital is on the phone talking, chatting, and doing one activity or another. Individuals are so engaged in the use of smartphones such that at times they tend to forget their responsibilities. Technology advancement in the use of smartphone has greatly impacted so many aspects of professions, and medical profession is one of them. This advancement has also affected health care practices of communication, and the use of technology to assess patient’s information. With that said, health care personnel can use their personal smartphone as a communication tool when giving care. The use of personal smartphone as a communication tool in the health care system is good, but it can cause some serious problems. Using a personal smartphone when giving care can put one in a great danger of violating the ethical standard of professional practices. This paper will include; HIPAA, legal practices and ethical issues…show more content…
It enhances communication between clients and health care providers. “ Social media promotes employee and community activities, keep employees and patients up-to-date on the impacts of weather-related events or emergencies, introduces new and advanced medical procedures” ( Norton, and Strauss, 2013, p, 49). Also, Social media, such as YouTube can be used to teach different topics in academics, and student learn with it on their own, too. Healthcare providers can learn new information about health conditions in the world through social media. Also, through smartphone and social media, one can learn or get information relating to any illness. Smartphone helps one to access and respond to messages very fast. Smartphones and social media can play a positive role in health care, and, at the same time, play a negative role
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