Essay On Smartphone At Work

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You are at work and suddenly notification appears on your smartphone; it could be work related email or could be a message from friend, should we give a look or ignore because we are working. Anyone with office job and smartphone faces this dilemma. There is a common belief about the use of internet during work time that it will take away working time and hence reduce the work productivity but a few minutes of smartphone usage will not normally affect the work. Nowadays It is very common that everyone will check smartphone at least once during his or her work time, if you have to think back your recent work days, it is less likely that you focused solely on your job. You are not alone in this one because more than 80% of internet user surf internet with smartphone. Since smartphone…show more content…
Organizations are investing on ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and it has improved the means of production in every small to big organizations by automating all the organizational activities. With advances in ICT, use of new and advanced technology such as mobile phone and smartphone at work is also increasing. The presence of computer and mobile devices are assisting employee with their daily task and increased the productivity overall. In the meantime, it has also allowed employee to goof off as a small recess. Organizations are starting to make guidelines regarding the allocation of internet on computer and mobile device so that time spent on personal business will not weaken time spent on company business. Therefore, this study will expand the understanding of personal mobile device usage at work. Such internet and (SNS) usage can be either as leisure activity or for information search. Based on the duration and purpose of its usage it has its own positive and negative impact on job
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