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Background of Study:
A smartphone is one of the necessities and luxurious item of life today. But have you ever wondered what smartphone is? Why are smartphones a necessity in life today? And why are smartphones a luxury today? A smartphone is a phone and a handheld computer in a small device. Integrated Business Machine (IMB) was the first one who invented a smartphone back in 1992. The first smartphone was given by the name of Simon. Simon can do a wide range computing features. Like a computer, smartphone has an operating system like iOs, android, etc. Smartphones can do more than just calling and Short Messaging System (SMS). Smartphones comes with a feature of high-resolution touch screen display, internet access, music, gaming applications,
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According to Chhanda, it allows the users to sync data with their computers and update their smartphone software that makes smartphones efficiently. In short, you can carry your portable almost PC device wherever you go, you can do you’re the same activies that you do in PC on the go very easily.
However, according to Samia Ilyas Siddiqui, addictions on smartphones make it a luxurious item. Smartphones has so many valuable aspects and people feel incomplete without smartphone that it has become a necessity of their lives but on the other hand, mobile has become luxurious item as well because people consider it a status nowadays.
With the advancement of technology today, cell phones are no longer considered “emergency only” devices. They are now considered “must have” possessions. (Cell phones and the dark deception by Carleigh Copper. Chapter 1).
Statement of the Problem:
Considering that Smartphones is the most in-need today, this study aims to find out the advantages and the disadvantages of the Smartphones in our lives and how it can be indispensable and indulgence at the same time.
Significance of the study: This study aims to find out if smartphones have advantages and disadvantages in the life of students. Benefiting the study are the various sectors as

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