Essay On Smoking Should Be Banned

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Smoking: Should it be banned? There are about 1.1 billion smokers around the globe and around 300 million of these smokers are in China, according to yes I know that website. This fact shows that there is a huge group of smokers around the earth and it is not a good news. Also the number of smokers is increasing every day specially between teens. Plus this increasing is effecting everyone on the globe. Also the number of deaths because of smoking is in growing. Nowadays, people are smoking every ware and they do not think about the people around them beside they are not thinking about their health’s to. Some people may claim that smoking is not such a bad habit and smoking should not be banned. However, smoking need to be banned because of it dangerous effects on the smoker and also it effects on the people who are around the smoking area. One main reason for this argument is that smoking should be banned because of it harmful effects on the smokers health. Smoking leads to many series health issues. One of the most common diseases that smokers get because of smoking is lung cancer and also sometime it can cause stomach cancer and also cervical and breast cancer for women. It also effects the heart, blood pressure, weight. And this effects leads to heart attack and stumbled circulatory. Another common…show more content…
It may be right to not banned smoking because of different reasons. Some smokers says that smoking help them to relax and having a cigarette helps them to be in a good mood. Also if smoking become banned, many people who works in cigarette making companies will lost their jobs according to “ What are some reasons why smoking shouldn’t be banned? ”. Nevertheless, smokers should realize the fact that smoking is very dangerous and it have many negative out comes. Likewise, smoking should be banned because of it harmful effects on the smokers health and no good can come from
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