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Weight loss green smoothies

Green smoothies are rich in fiber and low in fat. Since they are rich in nutrients and fat burning foods. They are perfect if you are planning to lose weight. However, to make a healthy and weight loss green smoothie you should remember some tip. These green smoothies will not be healthy if you will not make it the right way and put any unhealthy ingredients.

If you heard a green smoothie, it sounds unappetizing. Maybe because of the color and texture of the smoothie. Greens are the best gift from nature. These green smoothies looks and sound not delicious, but it is full of nutrients. Add some fruits to contrast the taste of the greens.

Health benefits of green smoothie Green smoothies are easily digested because it was blended it is easy to digest. The fruits and vegetables are broken when blended it is easy for the body to absorb the
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It can be used as your post workout drink. It is high in fiber that makes you fuller before the next meal. If you are new and not used to green smoothies you can start with the usual ingredients until you can get used to it and mix other green in your smoothies. Mix and experiment in the green for your smoothies. Find the best taste you like the most. Remove the seed of the fruits if there is but some seed can have valuable nutrient like watermelon. Smoothies are best to consume immediately, but if you intend to make smoothies for you to take the whole day, you should always keep it cool. In addition, use airtight container to minimize oxidation.

Common ingredients for green smoothies

There are so many green that you can use to make smoothies, but here are some of the common green ingredients that you can use. Try to experiment these greens and see what suits the best taste for you. The next you will go to the supermarket, maybe you want to add these greens in your list.

Cilantro or coriander

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