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Snack foods usually evoke negative images and recognized as unhealthy with its low nutritional value and high energy density. Deep fried, extruded or baked, but high fat containing snack foods, such as potato chips, doughnuts, popcorns, cookies, crackers, cakes are the biggest offenders of these negative images, however, fruit leathers, nuts, cereal bars are some of the healthier alternatives for appropriate snacking. Food scientists are currently studying in developing and designing new food products by using enrichment techniques to meet daily macro and micronutrient intake, as well as balancing the energy intake. Especially for prevention of protein malnutrition related diseases- which is evident in children-, some researchers have developed…show more content…
2012). In these studies, mostly plant-based protein sources such as okara, lupin seed flour, brewer’s (distillers’) spent grain were used to increase the protein content. But nutritional quality and availability of plant-based proteins are quite low compared to animal-based proteins. Animal-based proteins from eggs, milk, meat and fish are considered as complete proteins because of their favorable balance of essential amino acids. Various alternatives for fortification or enrichment of foods, especially bread have been described in previous studies (Bojňanská et al. 2012, Okafor et al. 2012, Waters et al. 2012, Indrani et al. 2015). Madenci and Bilgiçli (2014) used whey protein concentrate powder and buttermilk powder in leavened and unleavened flat bread dough at different levels (0, 4 and 8%). They pointed out that protein content of the flat breads increased up to 14.6% with whey protein concentrate powder usage. Significant increments were also observed in ash and mineral (Ca, K, Mg and P) contents of the leavened/unleavened flat bread with utilization of 8% whey protein concentrate powder or buttermilk powder. Bastos et al. (2014) studied on the effect of fish filleting residues for enrichment of wheat

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