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Sneakers Although everyone owns a pair of sneakers, not many people know what their shoes are worth. Many don’t even know if their sneakers are authentic or unauthorized. There are a wide variety of sneakers which holds very different colors and styles, the designs have led to popularity in sneakers. The sneaker business has experienced a dramatic increase over the last decade due to the rarity and demands of iconic sport shoe. Although most shoes are mass produced the sneaker business still holds high expectations in the near future. How Popularity Began In 1921 Converse released the shoe known as “Chuck Taylor” which started the era of iconic basketball shoes. The reason why people loved these sneakers so much is due to all the publicity and advertisements the shoes received. “Upstart brands like AND 1 or Pony hitched their fates to athletes from their launches. In the case of AND 1 and its Thai Chi model, it was Vince Carter, who would wow teenage boys everywhere in the 2000 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. In 1975, that upstart brand was Pony and its new product, the TOPSTAR, which became popular after the company snagged the league’s hot newcomers David Thompson and Darryl Dawkins in their first season. Now, points out Osborne, “Under Armour is getting the first buzz…show more content…
If a company were to release only about 250 pairs of limited edition Sneakers and there are over 2 million consumers who holds interest in the Sneakers then more than likely the shoes will hold immense value then other variety of Sneaker. Rarity of sneakers can also be pre-determined by the aging of the sneakers as well which is a trait that most sneakerheads seek out when looking for shoes. In order for shoes to sell, the company’s are having to rely on three main factors such as, What brand released the shoe , Who advertises the shoe, And who are the target

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