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Introduction of Snoring Chinstrap What is it? My Snoring Solution Chin Strap is an anti-snoring product that holds the lower jaw of the user in such a way that he can breathe properly while sleeping; due to the positioning of the jaw the windpipe in the user’s throat opens which ensures low air velocity and less tissue vibrations owing to which the snoring stops. It is the best substitute to costly medical treatments as it effectively eliminates snoring and has a simple lightweight design which makes it easy to use. The chin strap is available in various sizes according to body weight and it is made of soft and stretchable fabric which makes it highly comfortable to wear. Recently, researchers have concluded that almost 50% of the American…show more content…
The chin strap helps in maintaining the lower jaw in the right position which assists in opening the three-dimensional air passage in the throat effectively to reduce tissue vibrations which is a major cause of snores. 2. Mouth when closed in the right way helps in opening the air passageway properly which assists in reducing the air velocity and ensuring the natural flow of air through the nose to uproot the major cause of snoring. 3. As compared to other anti-snoring solutions, this product can also be worn by people who are suffering from gum disease or temporomandibular joint dysfunction. 4. Made of soft and stretchable fabric which makes it comfortable and easy to wear. 5. It is easy to clean, store, and maintain. How to Use it? In order to use it, a person simply needs to wear the chin strap around his head in such a way that it supports the jaw. The Chin Strap will support the jaw and push it in a forward position to ensure that the user’s tongue does not fall back in the throat to block air passageway as well as reduce soft tissue vibrations in the throat to reduce or stop snores from happening. This way the user will breathe through his nose instead of his mouth which will eliminate the snoring problem and even breathing issue to offer peaceful

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