Essay On Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

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I chose to write about the animation movie of Snow White and the seven dwarfs (1937) the reason being since the dawn of time, there have been stories, popular stories within a certain culture, that are narrated to children and young people. These stories generally formed the basis of the cartoon characters. These stories were not only a way of comforting and cheering a child but also of giving lessons to the child about the related to social pressure, how people act toward each other, normal behaviors of their nation. These are memorized by children and remembered forever. Children love their favorite character, the character they have most in common with and are best able identify with, and try to copy the characters actions. From these made-up…show more content…
We can also see from when snow white cleans the whole house that women are meant to clean, whereas the men are not clean or hygienic as we can see their house is very dirty, so much so that she thinks that they are children without a mother. When she gets there the house is empty because the men are at work, and she says maybe I’ll clean up so they let me stay here, we can see very clearly that women are made to stay at home and clean whereas men go to work to make a living, when they finally get home they find her fast asleep, at first they don’t want her to stay, but as soon as she says I can clean and cook they all jump up and say "yes food we love food" as they all run to the table as savages, but she stops them and says you must first wash yourselves, here we can see that the “women” have to remind the men what to do just like a

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