Essay On Snowball A Hero In Animal Farm

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George Orwell’s Animal Farm ultimately shows that out of all the creatures inhabiting the farm, Boxer is the true unsung hero of them all. A hero is defined as someone who puts their own life on the line and is admired for their outstanding achievements. Heroes are courageous, good leaders, visionary but also humble and hardworking. Nevertheless a hero who performs many noble good deeds, is never perfect in every way. All these qualities are represented by Boxer; he is idolized by many of his companions and had a relentless work ethic yet had his own difficulties. In the same manner, Snowball also possess the qualities of a hero, being the only animal to ever really stand up and argue back to the evil dictator, Napoleon.

Boxer was definitely the hero of Animal Farm as he was the most hardworking and tenacious animal on the farm who was idolized by many. Adopting
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He proves his heroism by standing up to Napoleon, when the other animals were too scared to do so. Snowball is the only animal who actually objects Napoleon's actions as 'it was noticed these two were never in agreement'. Snowball was liked by everyone for his approachable, caring and energetic personality. In addition, he had a vision and future for the farm. He strived to help all the animals have a better life and for the Rebellion to spread throughout England, even conflicting with Napoleon’s ideas. However Snowball 'often won over the majority by his brilliant speeches'. His charismatic speeches led him to be universally liked, with every animal agreeing with his opinions. His efforts to lead much of the start of the Rebellion, especially the Battle of Cowshed, show leadership qualities in Snowball as a hero. As you can see, Snowball could also have been the hero, before getting chased off the farm, as he stood up to Napoleon and gladly performed many good deeds for the wellbeing of the farm and
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