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The day I went across the country to snowboard in the Rocky Mountains for the first one is one I will never forget. I can recall the cool winds blowing at the mountain’s peak; the tranquil sound of my board slicing through the snow, and the exhilarating rush of adrenaline that coursed through my veins as I glided along the Canyons’ slopes. I can vividly remember the most memorable day of my life.
It all started on a cool January morning in Park City, Utah. I woke up that morning and pulled back the curtains of my two-bedroom condominium and gazed up at the Canyons, a massive stretch of ski runs slicing through the wild mountain. It crowded the skyline with its massive size, looming over the town below it. A smile began to spread across my face
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I was finally going to experience true Rocky Mountain snowboarding! I boarded the gondola’s main cabin and immediately took up a position at a large window facing the mountain side. The gondola’s engine purred softly as it pulled out of the mountain base station and began the steep incline to the peak of the mountain. Looking out of the window, I was filled with delight. I could see the whole mountain in all its beauty. I could see the trails covered in fresh, powder-like snow and the trees swaying in the wind. I witnessed all the mountain’s animals crawl out of the winter homes to forage for their daily meal. The entire mountain seemed to be alive, filled with activity. But the most intricate and intoxicating thing about the mountain was its appearance in the sky. It appeared as if the only purpose of the sun was to cast its glow on the enormous heap of Earth. The clouds parted at the peak of the mountain and the rays of the sun cast a warm glow on all the mountains hills, trees, and snow. An enormous grin spread across my face as we slowly came into view of the station at the peak of the mountain and began to decelerate. I stepped out of the gondola, grabbed my snowboard, and made my way towards the
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