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Snowpiercer Assignment The film Snowpiercer was released in 2014, about a train that circles the globe year after year. The population that live among the train, are the only survivors of an Ice Age caused by the release of CW7. The release of CW7 caused the freezing of everything on earth, except for the Snowpiercer. The train is run by the engine that never stops created by Wilford. Wilford lives in the very front of the train. From the front to the tail end, living conditions decrease dramatically. The end of the train is where those who we would consider to be in poverty, live. The people who live in the tail end begin to rebel with Curtis Everett as their leader. With the help of Gilliam and Edgar, they encounter many bumps and difficulties…show more content…
Class, Status, and Power. Weber explains that you do not need to obtain all three of these to have control or anything. An example within the film would be how Gilliam lives within the lower class but he has a high status. He does not live within the engine room, or with the party goers or the happy families. He lives at the end of the train with one leg and no power. Low class and no power, but he has a high status within the tail end. Many around him look up to him and follow his wise words. Another would be how Wilford’s assistant has high class and status but no power compared to Wilford. Though some have higher class than others, their status might not be as high, comparatively. Although they may have a high status does not mean they have power, unless they find a way to attain it. Within Snowpiercer power is attained through violence and different means and products. Mr. Wilford has a large amount of power because without him there would be no train. There would be no “sacred” engine, without an engine there would be no energy resource. Without energy, there would be no food, water, or electricity to keep the population alive. This is where Marx argument could have come into
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