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Some parents hover, some parents diminish all of their children 's problems, and other parents let their children do what they please. Two parenting types are the snow plow parents, and the free range parents. Snowplow parents try to ease, prevent, or avoid problems that their children might encounter. A great example of this would be if a parent gave money to a sports team so their child could get onto the team. Instead of making their child work hard, they snow plowed the problem away. Then there are the free range parents. These are the parents that do not create rules or set boundaries for their child. If a parent were to not establish a curfew with their child they most likely are a free range parent. No two parents are alike, but all have some similarities, and these two parenting styles are not an exception. Even though snow plow parents and free range parents have stark differences they also have quite a few similarities.
One key difference between the snowplow and free range parenting styles is how they approach children’s responsibility. Snowplow parents do not instill children responsibility because they try to proactively solve their child’s problems. For example, in a Washington Post article written about snowplow parents by Carolyn O 'Laughlin, she said “...she[my mom] confessed that she’d fished parking
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Snow plow parents are very hands on and like to eliminate all obstacles in their child 's life. This could be by bribing a sports coach or something as simple as doing their child 's homework. Free range parents are very hands off and laid back in their ways. They believe in empowering their child and by not doing it all for them and by allowing them to struggle and learn, they will be more independent. Neither style is perfect but both parenting styles want their children to succeed in life, and want to make their child 's life as stress

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