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Media has played an important role in shaping the society, as it influences the people on how they act and think. Media surrounds us, from the shows we watch on TV, the music we listen to on the radio, and to the books and magazines we read every day. Media was first known as a window for people to learn and to make us closer to the whole world. But as we all know, media has changed and evolved since then. Back then newspapers and radio were the only media available to deliver news across the world to keep people updated with the latest news. After years, television was born, people than started use television as their main source of information and has replaced the use of radio’s and newspapers.

For the most parts television is found to be entertaining, as people watch television shows to enjoy and entertain the viewers. Back then television was used as a source of information and education for the viewers, but then as the media evolves and gets more and more, some media has changed their way of entertaining from educating the viewers to something that is not even educating. The program and the content of the media is no more considered as a
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Like any other drama, soap opera begins with an introduction of different characters with distinctive characteristic from each other. These characters are used to make the story much more interesting and help to raise the conflict. At the end, soap opera can have a happy or even a sad ending, depending on the screenwriter. As soap opera is made into hundred episodes mostly because of commercial purposes, it may reduce the quality of the story, as it doesn’t make sense anymore and making it not educating for the viewer, as it only use for entertainment. This is very common in Indonesia, where it involves teenager love triangle, violence in family, and mythical theme soap
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