Essay On Social Classes In The Roman Empire

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Citizens in the Roman Empire separated from the wealth, house, and classes they are in. This kind of social structure was continued in a Rome empire for a long time especially for the slavery. Roman social structure affects the world today because there are slaves and social classes. They are not exactly the same, but it replaces other kinds of social structure. This kind of social structure is kept continuing today. By comparing social classes in Rome such as patrician, plebeian, and slaves to the social classes today which are capitalist, middle class, and slavery, people are still held by the social structure today.
In Roman Empire, there were 3 different classes, and patricians were the one of the highest social class. This family lived in the best villas, eat the better food, and for boys, they had the excellent educations with a private tutor. For example, the educations mostly focused on the subject that their son needed for his career in the future. Such as poetry, geography, history, and some valuable language like Greek. However, today there is a
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They are not even treated as a human. People who were a slave was people that who can’t pay the money back that they borrow or people who can’t pay the taxes. The government also can take people into slavery because there were no laws about the slaveries. Also, soldiers that have been captured during the war were sold as slaves. Slavery today does not change much, they have many different types of slaves which are labor slaves who do all those hard-working, sex slavery, forced marriage slaves who are forced to marry someone they don’t want, and child slavery. However, the difference from the Roman slavery is that they are a hidden crime. It is against the law to have a slave, but still, there are lots of slaves that are hidden. By comparing how slavery treated in Rome and today, slavery doesn’t really change. The only change is that today they are
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