Essay On Social Construction Of Reality

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Here in our society, we as individuals create reality through interactions. Every day in the real world, we create reality by adapting other cultures way of living and acting. It might not even be through other cultures but we can create reality through any non-living factor around our surrounding. We are responsible for anything that we do around our surroundings, with our actions and views. Based upon what we do, our society will be constructed. Belize a country, whereby any individual and culture can add to benefit the country or ruin the country. It all depends on how the individuals, along with their cultures will strive to benefit the construction of Belize. The Thomas theorem states, situations that are defined as real are real in their consequences and Ethnomethodology is the study of the way people make sense of their everyday surroundings. These are the two…show more content…
This is just the first step that we are taking, so that Belize can be great! All individuals in Belize, should all work together to make this a reality. Social interaction should be adapted by all citizens in Belize, so that all of us can get a clear understanding of what we are aiming for in the future. We might not be the one’s gaining now but our future individuals will be gaining all our work put today. Our effort needs to be put to the fullest because we cannot do it alone, we need all the citizens to collaborate in this situation. That 's how our social construction will be a reality in the further run of this world, we all need to socially interact with one another in Belize. We are almost there, due to our current interactions put in today 's present life and with the help from past ancestors. All citizens need to collaborate more for this to become real, social interaction needs to increase more in

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