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According to CDC -The social determinants of health are the environment, conditions and system in which people are born, live and work. These environments are formed by a different forces that have a direct influence on the status of health such as economics, politics, and social policies.( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Many different factors have direct impact on state of health of individual, such as: diet, sex, age, smoking and alcohol use, income , environment where person live, insurance coverage and access to healthcare services ( quality ) and education level, social support, community safety. All these factors significantly contribute to well and how long we live. For example of how Social determinants can affect health - premature or low birth weight baby can be result of low income, low education level, alcohol use, inability to access prenatal care, environment where mother live, poor diet. Communicable disease chain is used for understanding the process of disease transmission; each chain link must be present for the occurrence of infection.(1.Infectious agent – 2.A reservoir(human) – 3. A portal of exit from the reservoir - 4.Mode of transmission - 5. A portal of entry into a susceptible host – 6. A susceptible host (Chain of infection). Example: 1. Viruses (flue) - 2.…show more content…
On the example of Flu - nurse should first educate patients about transmission route, yearly vaccinations, washing hands, avoiding close contact with sick people, cover mouth and nose when sneeze or cough( this would be breaking mode of transmission link). In a hospital, setting nurse can be one of the carrier or transmitters of the flu ( or other communicable diseases). Influenza vaccinations are mandatory, or mask has to be wear to prevent spreading flu, hand washing is not less important. 2. To prevent Salmonella, nurse should educate

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