Essay On Social Discrimination Against Indigenous People

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How extensive is social discrimination against indigenous populations and why? Throughout human history, racial discrimination has been a persistent and prevalent issue. Australia has had a particularly violent and dark history of mistreatment against its indigenous population, which was often overlooked and ignored until recent times. However, increased awareness and education have slowly led to the acknowledgement of these issues and attempts to address the inequality that indigenous people face. In a multicultural first world country, it seems ludicrous that people are still judged for their skin colour and appearance. The sad truth is that the issue of racism is still highly prevalent in society today. Despite a number of actions taken to promote equality, such as the 2008 "Sorry Speech" and the "Closing the Gap" policies, societal discrimination against indigenous people is still widespread today, suggesting previous policies have not been particularly effective or well maintained. A 2017 ARB survey revealed that an increased percentage of the population felt Australia was a 'racist country.' While more people are aware of…show more content…
In addition, speaking up against discrimination can help to reduce social discrimination in public. While programs and policies and have been put in place to encourage equal treatment and equal opportunities for indigenous people, a greater emphasis needs to be put on educating and changing the attitudes of the general population. It's not enough to just show the numbers and statistics, people need to genuinely understand the hardships indigenous people experience on a regular basis. There needs to be more positive and personal interactions with the indigenous people. To truly combat the issue of social discrimination, people must change their thinking from an attitude of hostility to an attitude of

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