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Social epidemiology is “a systematic and comprehensive study of health, well-being, social conditions or problems, and disease and their determinants, using social epidemiological and social science methods to develop interventions, programs, policies and institutions that may reduce the extent, adverse impact or incidence-based methods for public health activism” (Cwikel, 2006:4). The definition of social epidemiology accentuate that defining the distribution of disease, social problems and understanding all the relevant risk factors and the interrelationships are only part of social epidemiology (Cwikel, 2006:4). This definition of social epidemiology includes social problems because most challenges in the public health are related to personal behaviour and numerous “macro trends” in the social structure such as the distribution of wealth, social resources, and exposure to media and market forces (Cwikel, 2006:4). Therefore, sociologists who are interested in studying social problems to help develop interventions and programs, they will tend to improve their research and practice through the methods of social epidemiology, which will help reveal how…show more content…
The first concept is the bio-psychosocial paradigm, which adopts the belief that biology of organisms is determined in multilevel and interactive environments (Honjo, 2004:194). This implies that diseases occur as a result of mutual interaction among biological factors, individual and social factors (Honjo, 2004:194. Therefore, when conducting social epidemiological studies, sociologists must bear in mind that diseases does not occur as a result of one certain factor, but they occur as a result of mutual interaction among various factors that needs to be taken into account when dealing with disease

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