Essay On Social Equality In America

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Development of social equality in America
The history of race and culture in America has taken a rugged path since the inception of America. From the common social injustices to the current social liberty. This paper analyses the gradual development and civilization of the social face in the American society. It analyses America from its dark days, during the racism and civil war era, to the current liberal America along with its gradual growth towards promotion of civil rights and equality.
The civil rights legislation of 1964 set the new stage for equality in all circles of economics such as creation of jobs, social life, education and politics of leadership and the military. It can be remembered that, the real work of achieving equal treatment started after legislations were enacted which then signaled the movement’s denouement. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not simply open public accommodations, such as lunch counters and bus stations. It made possible the first large-scale progress in breaking down job segregation, a primary goal of civil rights activists from at least the
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civil rights dates back to 1857 when the Supreme Court ruled to deny the Dred Scott the citizenship and constitutional rights to all black people. It had far reaching effects such legally establishing the black race as "subordinate, inferior beings. Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Lincoln freed slaves. Then there was another amendment in 1865 which abolished slavery and reprieve among the slaves. However the southern states managed to reset the slavery era codes making it hard for the blacks to live, work of be part of any activity in the society. Later, there was the 14th amendment called First Civil Rights Act which invalidated the black codes and replaced with rights of citizenship. The 15th Amendment was good news to blacks as it granted them the right to vote, including former
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