Essay On Social Evil In Pakistan

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Ans: Social evils are one of the most inhumane and the cruel utters to any society which plays an important role in the extermination of any society. Pakistan is also in the list of those countries that are facing several social issues and due to which humanity, laws and the peace of country has been damaged very badly. Let us have a look on some major social issues of our society and the factors which are making them from bad to worse and then how we can eradicate them: 1. Corruption: Corruption is one of the biggest social evil which is merged in our society and due to which our country is not progressing. Corruption is basically the misleading and outlaw behavior, done especially by the people at some government or…show more content…
• Creates the concept of inferiority and superiority. • Creates hate between two castes • Leads to the brutal and unkind practices among two castes Solution to this evil: Islam has prohibited the caste system strictly or any other system which create differences between humans. Islam has declared all humans equal. In Islam no one is superior by caste, color, status but the superiority is given only on the basis of piousness. Only way to overcome such a worse social evil is to increase the literacy rate and by the preaching of Islam. So that, people become aware of Islamic teachings. 6. Poverty: Poverty is another major social evil which is destroying our society very badly. Poverty is when the basic needs of life are not available to people and those who are living very low quality life or below the poverty line. Basic needs includes food, education, clothes, medical facilities and shelter or living place. Causes: Some of the major causes of this widespread evil are as follows: • Lack of resources or opportunities. • Illiteracy or uneducated people can’t find jobs for them. • Overpopulation. • Unemployment •

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