Essay On Social Impact Of Internet

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Will the social impact of the Internet become pestiferous? Preface The purpose of this essay is to inform you about the impact of the Internet on our social lives, to show you different kinds of impacts and hopefully to give you some advice or tips in order to better deal with it. The Internet has become a large share of almost all of our lives. But I don’t think that is or will become a harmful thing since the main use of the people who use Internet is communication and sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MSN are all about online social networking. Early studies Early studies have different outcomes. Some of them revealed that the use of Internet could be socially isolating, for example studies of SIQSS and Harvard. While on the other hand Pew and UCLA studies conclude that the use of the Internet mainly has a positive effect on our sociability. After these most of the following studies choose the side that Internet has a positive effect. However there are some criticisms of these earlier studies. [1] Many of them simply divide all the people into non-users and users (of the internet). They ignore the differences between the…show more content…
I can’t imagine that it has reached the top of its capabilities so the options definitely will increase. That also means the effects will increase, the positive and the negative. Although I think we can keep the negative effects limited by educating the users (which means everyone). I’ve predicted that the impact wouldn’t be very harmful and that it would bring more social support, less stress and less loneliness. For most of the people, this proved to be so. Their social contact seems to be increased by the Internet. But this does not apply for all. One of the reasons for this is the type of Internet activity because not all use of the Internet includes communication and even if it does it not always positive. For example cyber bullying or racist
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