Essay On Social Impact Of Refugees

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SECTION 3: Social Impacts of the Refugees From the beginning of the civil war and emergence of the ISIS in the Middle East, most people were converted to refugees and left their homeland with the aim of finding a harmony life. These people are experiencing some shocking scenes in their life for the first time like losing one of their beloved ones. Experiencing these moments will change their mentality and their aspects toward their social life. These refugees will negatively have social impacts on those place that they migrate to. While the writer Carlos Encina and news article New American Economy are claiming that the drifting of the refugees has good social impacts including the fast adaptation of the refugees and decreasing the rate of crimes in the host countries, the movement of the refugees to the host countries can have more bad influences on the social aspects of the country like increasing the rate of crimes and creating problems because of the social barriers. The refugees need to run for a harmony life. When they get to a new life, they need to find jobs, establish a new life, and make contacts with their new community. “migrants and refugees show strong resilience and adaptability to new challenges and surroundings. They are willing to take a menial job when first settling” (Encina and Santalucia). Encina says that those refugees who migrate to a new country are not having any communicational problems and they can easily contact with those people from the

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