Social Impacts Of Refugees Essay

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SECTION 3: Social Impacts of the Refugees From the beginning of the civil war and emergence of the ISIS in the Middle East, most people were converted to refugees and left their homeland with the aim of finding a harmony life. These people are experiencing some shocking scenes in their life for the first time like losing one of their beloved ones. Experiencing these moments will change their mentality and their aspects toward their social life. These refugees will negatively have social impacts on those place that they migrate to. While the writer Carlos Encina and news article New American Economy are claiming that the drifting of the refugees has good social impacts including the fast adaptation of the refugees and decreasing the rate of…show more content…
This means that whenever a number of refugees go to a new place, the crime rate in that area would decrease. The claim is wrong because the refugees will do more crime since they think that they will leave that country. The claim could be true if those refugees were just normal people and without ISIS Jihadists. “Islamic State militants are attempting to enter the United States and other Western countries by disguising themselves among the thousands of refugees” (CINTORINO). The Daesh soldiers are trying to escape the war between them and their hostile by blending themselves with the flowing people that are running for their life. However, when these Dash soldiers get to their wanted place they will do crimes. This will lead to an increase the crime rate. For example, three Jewish were “killed and another seriously injured in a shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium” (CNN). The shooter was an ISIS Militant and he was then revealed as “Mehdi Nemmouche, a 29-year-old Frenchman, who had spent a year in Syria” (CNN). So, the movement of refugees toward developed countries would not bring any good impacts and it will increase the crime rates in the

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