Essay On Social Inequality In America

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Social Inequity Paper Social inequality and persecutions are major topics that have been around for ages. Teenagers in modern America are a large group of people that are in need of awareness for these topics, since it is happening everywhere in their home country. Authors write about social inequality and use it as a proactive tool to spread awareness of these issues, and it can be a large impact. These authors write about these issues because sometimes people who have to live with the problems can not. There are more social inequities in modern day America than Americans can count, and that is truly unfortunate. Some major ones include racism, social class inequality, and judging someone based on their appearance. Racism can be defined as a person being treated poorly because of the color of their skin. People of different races are being discriminated against every day, especially in America.Race discrimination for some people affects them horribly. They are called names for being different.…show more content…
People of the higher social classes are treated like royalty while the people living in poverty are treated horribly. Teenagers living in a lower class family have many struggles. First, they have to help their parents support their families. Next, they can be treated differently by classmates because of their money. A lot of teenagers can not afford nice clothes, therefore,because of what they wear, students can call them names and make fun of them. In the novel The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, the main character, Ponyboy, and his brothers come from a poor family. They are considered Greasers. To the society in the story, Greasers are considered "white trash" and are treated worse than the higher social class. These kids are judged from how much money they have, not who they are as people. This theme is not just fictional, however. The world has seen prejudice against social class for a very long

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