Essay On Social Inequality In Education

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Education provide a levelling platform for individuals with the necessary knowledge, valuable skills and certain competencies needed to participate effectively in their society and also in the economy. The current Minister of Education, Heng Swee Keat, has recently spoken about having Singapore education as a “key enabler of social mobility” with “equal opportunity” for students. In my opinion, one of the most pressing issue which would most likely hinder the development of certain groups of individuals would be due to inequitable social economic status. What happened could be due to a branded set of beliefs by the society’s brightest and most-able who assume they have the inherent superior abilities and are entitled to their successful outcomes. Due to their better fortunes, economic inequality in education landscape leads to social immobility with greater social distance amongst winners of the current meritocracy and the mass crowd. The worrying issue is when those winners seek to make a distinction and become an…show more content…
One example that was brought up by my group was about detrimental effects of streaming which could be damaging to self-concept and self-esteem, ideas that were discussed and learnt previously from other modules in NIE. This is because normal stream students, usually of lower social level in the society, could be marginalised by other curriculum streams students, as such they themselves be labelled as “second class”. As beginning teacher, we could have some collaborative efforts to encompass information circulation and interaction between the differing curriculum streams. Studies have also been done and shown that streaming students into overly specific curriculum could influence society limits onto those students’ potentials and worsen the stereotyping on post-secondary aspirations. However, many of which are still beyond students’ or our control, with a beginning teacher
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