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Student Research Paper Social influence Research Question: How is one’s behavior affected by people around him? Review of literature: When a person’s behavior is influenced by someone it’s called social influence. The change in behavior may be intentional or unintentional. As a result the changed person perceives themselves to be in a relationship in the influencer, other people or society in general. Social influence has many forms and can be seen in conformity, obedience, compliance, power, sales, marketing, socialization, peer pressure, persuasion etc. According to Lisa Rashotte, social influence is defined as change in individual thoughts, feelings, attitude or behavior that results by interacting with another individual or a group.…show more content…
This occurs when one person tries to repay, in kind, what another person has provided. This is a very effective principle because a sense of obligation is often overwhelming to an individual, driving him to be willing to give more than he received. Second principle is Social proof. This occurs when we are uncertain about a course of action; so as a result we tend to look around and ask others to guide our decisions and actions. We want to know what everyone else is doing. We tend to have more trust in things that are more popular or endorsed by people we trust. Third principle is Commitment and Consistency. People do not want to back out of deals. They’re more likely to do something if they’ve agreed to it verbally or in writing. They tend to follow pre-determined actions or values. Fourth principle is Liking. When a person is asked something by someone they admire or like, they are more likely to do it. Fifth principle is authority. People tend to obey the person who holds power. So they are more likely to obey or follow someone who has some authority over them. Sixth principle is Scarcity. This occurs when there is scarcity of something; people will want that more this principle has been observed more in marketing. And last principle is Unity. This influences others when they are in unity. They tend to follow each other or help whenever they are in
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