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Social Justice and Advocacy Social justice and advocacy represents a complex approach in counseling, whereas counselors attempt to promote human growth and development and the societal well-being by attending to the challenges associated with both individual and societal issues. Advocacy embraces empowerment of the individual and out-groups as well as opposition to the injustices and inequalities in society, as they affect the client. According to Sue and Sue (2016), counselors must attend to four significant principles: equity, access, participation and harmony. 1) Equity is the fair circulation of resources, privileges, and responsibilities to all people. 2) Access refers to the ability of all people to engage the resources, services, information, and power to aid in their personal growth and well-being. 3) Participation is the entitlement of each person in society to contribute and be conferred with on impactful decisions that affect their lives as well as others in their social in-groups. 4) Harmony is the principle of social adjustment wherein the actions revolving around the self-interests of any individual or group ultimately produces results that afford the best possible outcomes for the community as a whole. Accordingly, the author believes that his integrative theory takes into aspect all four of these principles. Through…show more content…
How can one incorporate the ideas of social justice into the counseling session? How can a counselor help client find their relationship to the context that relates so closely to their issues? And specifically, how can a counselor enhance the nature of the therapeutic relationship using a social justice viewpoint? Simply, the author supposes that the counselor must utilize the interventions that will enable the client in questioning the nature of their historical and social situation and encourage the client to take needed action against any oppressive elements in their

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