Essay On Social Justice And Injustice

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The discussion on the social justice and injustice is one of the most important issues in cotemporary global scenario. New Oxford American Dictionary defines Social Justice as “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society”2 (Wikipedia). Contrary to it where inequalities persist in the society it falls within the sweep of injustice. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines injustice as “unfair treatment: a situation in which the rights of a person or group of people are ignored”3 (Meriam- Webster). Thus it can be said that the concept of social justice takes the objectives of removing inequalities and affording equal opportunities to all citizens in social, economic and political spheres and social…show more content…
After the baraties had eaten, the dirty pattals or leaf-plates were put in the Chuhra’s baskets, which they took home, to save the joothan sticking to them. The little pieces of pooris, bits of sweetmeats, and a little bit of vegetable were enough to make them happy. The joothan was eaten with a lot of relish. (9) The last most important issue of social injustice dealt by Valmiki is social exclusion. The Dalits also suffered injustice due to the social exclusion on the basis of caste. In spite of being in the society they were not considered as a part of society by the higher caste. Dalits were never accepted to be equal to the higher caste people in terms of education, eating habits even though the Dalits got job in government sectors. Autobiography of Valmiki marked an instance of treatment of Mrs. Kulkkarni for Prof. Kambley and offering him tea in a different cup. Valmiky writes: While drinking my tea I noticed Kamble’s cup. It was different from the cups offered to the rest of us… on our way back, I asked Sudama patil he said, ‘Mahrashtrian Brahmins, that too from poona, they don’t allow Mahars to touch their dishes.’
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