Importance Of Social Location

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Social location could be defined in many different ways due to all the aspects that influence it, but mainly it is a person's place in the world based off of things such as race, religion, sexuality, gender, etc. All the factors that influence a person's social location not only tell their standing or place in the world but how they were brought up, who they are looking forward to becoming, and how they will fare in the future. A person's beliefs weigh heavily into social location normally more than most other things later in life, but early on, it's normally the unchangeable things like gender and race. The main things that have contributed to my social location are moving, sexuality, education, and the beliefs I have started to have. Throughout my life I have experienced many different things that have helped me to shape my social location starting with when I moved here at the age of twelve. I started eighth grade here after moving and could barely stand it seeing as I lived in a much less rustic place in a neighborhood inside a nice but horrifically…show more content…
A big part of my social location is the fact that I am a female who does already believe strongly in equal rights and LGBT rights due to my part in the community. My sexuality anytime I ever told someone almost always defined me in a way that upset me until I realized that it is a part of who I am but it is not all that I am just like this is only one part of my social location as well.It is because I have come to learn there is nothing wrong with me for who I am that I now have both a better experience with people and with improving my education by relating paper topics to my own life which I once wasn't so open
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