Essay On Social Media Activism

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Social Media’s Hashtag Activism and its Effectiveness

Social media is a growing trend as it is increasingly becoming essential in the daily life of people. It is as of 2017 2.5 billion social media users worldwide, which is a vast number as there are 7.5 billion people in the world. (1, 2) As the usage of social media increases the world is becoming more globalized, thus people can learn what happens in other places in the world with help from social media. Social media activism is comparable to other types of activism, but instead of the activism being performed in for example the streets it is performed on social media in the form of hashtags, pictures, videos, and filters. Social media has over 2.5 billion users worldwide and has an amazing
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Earlier the wealthy and powerful people where the only ones to be shown on television and express their opinions, but with the help from social media everyone has the potential to speak their opinion or share their information. During the Arab Spring thousands of tweets, Facebook posts, and opinions shared on different discussion forums were spread across the internet, the people who wrote these posts are everyday people. The issue however with everyone being able to voice their opinions is that, with so many opinions being published online, some will disappear in the sea of Facebook posts and twitter tweets. Regardless of this issue social media activism gives people from every section of the social hierarchy a voice to be heard which is exceptionally beneficial for social media activism. With activism in a traditional sense meaning to go out on the street to demonstrate, riot and putting up posters, being able to participate from one’s home is certainly advantageous. A lot of people seem to not participate in causes they agree with due to having to go outside or travel to participate. Activism on social media allows people to participate in causes such as the “Black Lives Matter” or the “#iftheygunnesusdown” movement from the comfort of their own
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