Essay On Social Media Affecting Schools

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Social Media: Is It Really Affecting Schools? Your Coach posts on Facebook where to go after school for the volleyball tournament. You try to check your phone, but can’t because of the schools block on social media sites. After school you miss the bus you were supposed to get on because you couldn’t read the coach’s post. Now what? Most schools have a block on all social media sites. This includes anything that is considered a social networking site like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. The block applies to any device from the school or brought into the school by a student or teacher. Although social media can cause anxiety, schools should unblock all the social media networking sites because students can present their work in a different way, network sites gives a source of information, and gives a way to stay connected with friends and family.…show more content…
According to Maddie Brucker, a 12th grader at Beaver Country Day School, says she was challenged to use social media in a different way. Maddie says she has created a website on brain cancer for an assignment where she had sent it to certain doctors to get feedback and to friends and family members through emails, Facebook, and Twitter. Leslie Bowman, a professor and author of two online learning books, supports social media in K-12 classrooms by using private accounts. Clearly, kids will get distracted on their phones while doing something on them. It’s true kids may not do what their supposed to do while they’re on their phones. Although if teachers monitor the students phones this wouldn’t seem to happen and the students would stay on task. Therefore, many teachers in schools encourage students to find different uses of social media for their school work. This also suggests that if students are using public accounts they should make them private, so there work is
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