Essay On Influence Of Social Media On Teenagers

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Is Social Media Harming Teens In Daily Life? In this new era of technological advancement, we have all kinds of new benefits, but the downsides of these things have been neglected. The most common of them being, smart phones and laptops. Through smart phones and laptop, we discovered new forms of communication and entertainment. One of them being the social media, from which you can chat with your friends or you, can use it as a source of entertainment. But many people have argued with us whether it is good for us or bad for us. In the early days of social media, people thought that it actually helped us a lot, for example, we could chat with our friends on the go and people thought it brought people together. As time passes on, questions are being raised on the true impact of social media on teens. I believe that social media is indeed harming today’s teenagers. Most people say that social media is responsible for most of the depression in teens. In a study conducted by the…show more content…
When we use social media we stare at the screen of our phones, and slowly over time instead of sitting straight we hunch over. According to studies, Smartphone users tend to develop rounded shoulders, spinal curvatures, and associated neck pain and headaches caused by these ailments. It makes sense. Using our Smartphone often involves being hunched over. Our posture suffers, and we alter the muscles and bones in our torsos over time. This makes our body suffer and as we get older we will not be able to do much to change it. Worsening of eyesight. This is one of the most common effects of using too much social media. You keep on using your phone to catch up on the latest tweets or posts and never lift your eyes of the screen. This causes your eyes to be stressed out and get weaker. And the weakening of one’s eyesight is not something that can just be fixed with medicines. You would have to go through surgery, which has its equal
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