Essay On Social Media And Interpersonal Communication

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Social media and interpersonal communication: (this article is for communication studies students) Look around any restaurant and you are surprised to see that almost everybody is heading down on their mobile phones, sending messages or calling, updated face book statuses or tweeting while sharing food with other people at the same table (Keller). Social media has great effect on our communication and interaction abilities and it can be seen easily. It also effects our interpersonal communication. So what is meant by interpersonal communication (Keller)? It is the process by which people share thoughts, emotions, information through non-verbal and verbal means (Interpersonal Communication Skills). Communication innovations build to connect individuals together so they can share their lives,thoughts,opinions through Instagram, Facebook, foursquare, twitter, and more. But on social sites people tend to wear mask and try to hide their true side. Have you noticed that lives of your boring friends seems to be very impressive and interesting on social media, always. This is all because these apps and sites allow users to select an impressive styles and filters for our living styles, making lives seems to be colourful. We create our good image presenting our personality good, cool, loving, intelligent etc (White). Social media also effects how we all…show more content…
First one is, when we communicate on social media we trust people soon at the end of communication. Second social connection those are strong due to face-to-face interactions in the past become weak due to social media. While using social media, we usually communicate with the people having same point of view like ours, so we lack in the variety of viewpoints. With the evolution of communication technology type and style of interpersonal communication is changed. Hence, with the larger influence of technology, communications become more advanced
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