Essay On Social Media And Public Relations

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The emergence of social media has led to the rapid increase of its usage amongst the consumers around the world. This has increased the usage of social media for adoption of tactics such as public relations by many professionals. Since this new form of communication is spreading and growing at such a fast pace, it has become crucial to thoroughly analyze the impact social media has on the overall performance of the practice of public relations.


According to a study by TeamLease, a human resource service company, employees spend more than 32 percent of their time on social media every day. Social Media has now become a major part of the everyday life for a majority of online Indians. Social media is giving rise to new and plenty of platforms to communicate, as well as different styles of communication. It is important to understand these new channels of communication in order to effectively and efficiently utilize them as a means to communicate with the public as well as to know what implications they may have for the public relations practice.
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Public relations is no different as professionals constantly seek to communicate with and hear from customers, who are ever-present and active on social media. It, therefore, makes sense for PR practitioners to use it to their advantage as much as possible as so it has become an integral part of their practice.

The purpose of this report is to find out how public relations professionals are using social media, the impact and implications this new media have on the public relations profession and how public relations professionals value these new media as a means to communicate with the public.

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