Essay On Social Media And Tourism

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With the information technology extensive used in the tourism industry, social media has become one of the e-commerce platform in tourism industry. The research shows that, social media plays an important role when the consumers search the travel inspiration and share travel experiences in tourists motivations to visit some destinations. Furthermore, tourists motivations can form the cognitive and affective images of a tourism destination. The study is aimed at analyze how social media, as an important source of information, influence people’s motivations to travel to a certain destination, as well as formation of a destination image.

2. Introduction
Aided by the development of the Internet, social media users are increasing. Nearly 2.3 billion people actively use social media and its number grew 10% year on year (Kemp,
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Meanwhile, social media plays an essential role in acquiring travel information and sharing travel experiences. The convenient and interactive features of social media attract more and more users to use social network media to search and publish information. After several years of development, social network media has developed into an important force to guide public opinion. It has even become an important source for the traditional mainstream media to capture the spotlight information. Furthermore, In tourism, consumers’ behaviour has always been influenced by development of ICTs, but social media has completely changed how consumers design and consume travel related products (Buhalis & Law 2008). During the travel planning process social media get an important role, because it gives access to other travelers’ experiences as an ultimate information source. Based on the above, we propose the H1 that Social media influences motivations of tourist as
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