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2.2.3. Social Media Brand Communication Based on the discussion about social media and brand communication, social media brand communication is where a brand want to stimuli a positive effect on it consumer by communicating their information through social media. It is distinguish of two forms of social media brand communication:
a. Firm-created Social Media Communication
This form of social media brand communication is created by the company, from the account to the content that can be publicly access to the company’s target market. All of it content and account is under control of the management of the company (Bergh et al, 2011). “Firm-created content on social media is a term that describes the Internet as a platform whereby content is continuously modified by all Internet users in a participatory and collaborative approach” according to Li and Bernoff (2011). It is mainly focuses on electronic word of mouth (eWOM) (Balasubramanian and Mahajan 2001; Chu and Kim 2011). According to Westbrook, 1987, “Electronic word-of-mouth (E-WOM) can be defined as all informal communications directed at consumers through Internet-based
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Depth means how to make consumers to recall or identify brand easily, and width expresses infers when consumers purchase a product, a brand name will come to their minds at once. If a product owns brand depth and brand width at the same time, consumers will think of a specific brand when they want to buy a product. That is, the product has higher brand awareness. Brand name is the most important element in brand awareness (Davis et al, 2008). As a consequence, brand awareness will affect purchase decision through brand association, and when a product owns a positive brand image, it will help in marketing activities (Keller, 1993). A brand name offers a symbol that can assist consumers to identify service providers and to predict service

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