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Now at this present century, the world has become a global village and it could have done only because of the internet who offers us a lot of virtual networks. Generally, we call them social media or network. “Social media is the collective of online communications channel dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content sharing and collaboration”. A huge number of the social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Skype, LinkedIn etc. are using randomly by users. Amongst all of them, Facebook is the most popular platform in Bangladesh. Approximately 93.07% users using Facebook where the 2nd popular social media is YouTube which has a percentage of 4.93%.

II. Roles, rules and responsibilities of social media in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, social networks are performing an important role in all sectors of society. Facebook has the biggest empower on people as well as administration. Nowadays it is working
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The because of Technology the world has turned into a village and in this century because of social networks it became a community. It cannot be considered that having access on social media is a curse whereas there are many countries where people have no internet. On the other hand, we have access on it, so we should not misuse it as a medium of devil works. We should utilize this opportunity. I strongly believe if we can use social media properly obviously we can take lots of benefit from it. Day by day the world is going under virtual umbrella. In near future the dominance of social medias will increase surprisingly. I think it’s time to be more careful as though social media won’t be useful for criminals. To conclude I would like to say, except some disadvantages in my country social media has a lot influence to help us for making our society more likely for people as well as it helps our economic

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