Essay On Social Media In Daily Life

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Social Media in Daily Life

Social media is an expression that we heard a lot around nowadays everywhere, at any time and it usually is used to describe what we post on apps and websites like in What’s App, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, and others. In other words, “Social Media” is used to describe almost on any site on internet these days. But, what is “social media” exactly? Well, the “social” part means to interact with other people by sharing and receiving information from each other and the “media” part refers to any type of communication like, for example in this case, via internet. Basically, it is an online communication tool that let people interact with each other by sharing and receiving information, photos and videos. The advanced practice of Websites has converted a universal phenomenon for very some time. It has become an existence-style and also a social norm for individuals that used to use social media as part of their hobbies. People among the world have been using these websites and apps to get in contact with others, showcase their social lives and reinvent their personas. The usage of social media is increasing over and over the time and it is an activity that has become of daily use. However, there is some
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In the same way, it will be an explanatory research because at the end we want to explain how does social media affect or influences our daily life at school, work and personal routines. It is important to mention that all of our participants must be 18 years old and over. As we are investigating in 3 different areas (academic, work and personal performances) most of our participants have to be students of any higher education, for example, students of AWC and in same way employees of any national company or local
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