Essay On Social Media In Education

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According to the Oxford Dictionaries, social media is defined as the websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. Some of the examples of social media are Facebook, Twitter and also Instagram. Nowadays, in this modern world, social media had become a part of our life. We use social media almost every day. We use it for our personal reasons such as communicating with friends and share our activities to them. Besides, we also use it for business and entertainment. Most of us are quite addicted to social media and use it often, anytime and anywhere. Because of the great response of human to social media, especially students, educators are now increasingly taking advantage of social media services and tools by using it in education as a learning platform in tertiary level education. For instance, lecturers give the assignment to their students through Facebook and students watch Youtube videos to learn about certain topics. From a student’s perspective, I strongly disagree with the use of social media as a learning platform in tertiary level education as it can cause students to lose focus in studies, miscommunication will occur and the usage of library has been limited by the students.…show more content…
The social media is only a search tool to be used in addition to traditional sources in the library. Not everything is available on the social media. Moreover, plagiarism can also occur when using social media. Plagiarism will cause students to suffer from many negative effects such as damaged student-teacher relationship, disciplinary sanctions and even suspension or expulsion from the college or university. We can avoid plagiarism by practicing these six easy ways which are paraphrasing, citing, quoting, citing quotes, citing your own materials and
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