Essay On Social Media In The Fashion Industry

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• The Internet
In a short time, the fashion industry has been through a revolution: an online revolution. With the rise of the Internet arose several new perspectives for the fashion industry, as target groups could now be reached in a faster, more effective way. Subsequently, many fashion companies have made use of the Internet. There are three main ways in which a company can reach its target group:
• Social Media
• Fashion bloggers
• Web shops
These three categories have been a major influence on the fashion industry and can be seen as an alternative for the catwalk. This will be explained separately for each category.

Social Media
A large part of the Internet consists of Social Media, such as Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. When one thinks of marketing, one is quick to think of radio, television and billboards; the ability to advertise using Social Media is not often included in the marketing mix. This is remarkable, as the potential for Social Media is endless and has three advantages.
The first advantage of advertising on Social Media has to do with choosing a targeted audience. As users of Social Media fill in relatively much personal information, social networks can use this information to advertise very specifically.
Target groups can be specified to their relationship status,
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A web shop is a website that offers various fashion items of different brands, not the webpage of a brand itself. An example of a web shop is Zalando, originally a German web shop for clothes, shoes and fashion accessories. It was founded in 2008 by David Schneider and Robert Gentz, inspired by the American Zappos. Due to the growing Internet market, many apparel brands choose to offer their products through a web shop, in order to increase their profits. Popular web shops like Zalando are daily visited by thousands of people and are therefore a good way to advertise
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