Public Health Model

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We used PHM (the public health model) as a guide to solve and reduce these issues. The PHM is a broad-based biopsychosocial model emphasizing prevention from primary to tertiary prevention. Primary prevention are applied when an individuals are at risk of involving in misbehaviour activity before the behavior has occured. Secondary prevention refers to programs that attempt to rehabilitate youth who have shown early indications of problem behavior. Tertiary prevention refers to “treatment approaches for the chronic, serious offenders for whom secondary treatment strategies are deemed inappropriate. We used some of the secondary and tertiary prevention for a solution to these issues 1) Social skills training. Social skills training focuses…show more content…
One of the types of misinformation and misusage of of social medias is to do viral thing. Everything will be viral so fast in as most of us have our own smartphones and we receive all these viral things from social medias. What we can do as humans being with brain is we should think many times before we decide to forward or send any information that we get from the internet and social medias. Be smart by not forward any malicious content to anyone else. Next, be careful and believe only in quality information. Trustworthiness for any information is important before you decided to spread the messages or information to others. For example, Malaysians once was been shocked by the fake viral issue about there was a bomb in KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. The situation became chaotic and people who worked at KLCC became afraid of the fake viral news. Here you can see how bad it is to send and receive those fake news. Lastly, what we can do to help reduce this communication issues is to only put our trust on trusted sources and agency. Look only for news from authoritative source and when it was written. Sometimes it is your fault if you send a wrong and fake news because of the carelessness of not checking the source and
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