Essay On Social Media Technology

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Social media technology
Social media technology is playing a vital role for the future development of the higher education more than it was expected. New technological revolution will have a greater impact on the teaching techniques/methodologies in the coming era. In the years to come, new information technology will be the core reason to attract students and corporate. Social media technology will continue to have a noteworthy influence on higher education.
In this new modern era of networking and communication all social, cultural and educational matters spread quickly transversely across borders and locally. Most of the 21st century undergrad students are more believed and tilted towards new social media technology and social networking sites to exchange their ideas, share the latest news and to figure out their worldviews (Azadeh, 2011). Social media technology is the most conversed topic nowadays, it has gained more attention of the mass media and most of the people have widely adopted it during last few years (Hrastinski & Dennen, 2012).
Social media technology because of its globalization, worldwide connection and informational function of communication by using digital and mobile technologies has now been used formally in the educational setup by the students, faculty and
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Most of the educationalists now agreed on this that the social media presence in higher education settings is very essential and important as it helps to reconnect to the students when they r not in their regular classes (Yu et al., 2010) nowadays social media technology is used by universities in concurrent where the students interact with each other online as well to their teaching faculty and learn and share a lot about university and studies (Yu et al.,
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