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For my social observation assignment, I decided to observe a group of friends who hang out on a Wednesday night. This group of friends are part of a church (which consists of young adults) here on campus called Resonate Church, and every Wednesday night they have community which they call ‘village’. I had heard about ‘village’ through my friend who has gone consistently, and she invited me this past Wednesday night. I didn’t know what to expect since she had told me they do different activities every week. I thought that since this group of friends were part of a church they would talk about God and their faith. I have attend Resonate Church before, although not consistently, but I have been there enough to see how people socialize at a church setting. That is why I thought it would be interesting to see how they socialize outside of a church setting. The observation took place on Wednesday around seven p.m. at one of the church members house which is located near the campus. When I arrived at the location there were two cars parked outside the house, so I assumed it would just be a small group gathering. When I entered there were around a dozen people gathered already. Out of the dozen people there, there was only one male. Everyone looked around the same age between 19 to early 20’s. They were all mostly wearing something that indicated they were students at Western Oregon University. One had on a beanie, but the majority had either a shirt or a sweater with the

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