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Social phobia is disorder that is characterized by irrational fear of people and social situations. In fact, people with this disorder are afraid of situations where others can watch or may offended them. It is the fear of appearances in which the symptoms are much more pronounced than when it comes to the normal jitters or nervousness before the appearance on the public scene. Social phobia usually occur after puberty and peaks reaching beyond the age of 30. Most social phobia is evident between the ages of 20 and 35 years so that it can ruin the best years of life.

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The causes of the social phobia.

According to behavioral hypotheses phobic symptoms are the result of conditioning and abnormal cognition characterized as "fear of negative evaluation" and "prejudice that other people will be overly critical towards them."

Fear of negative evaluation" have especially mothers when they have a fear that their children may be neglected so they often have over - protected attitude (that kind of attitude leads to anxiety disorder).

Biological theories explain the formation of social phobia disorder as a function of neurotransmitter receptors in the brain and neuroendocrine deviations.

Symptoms for social phobia

- The fear of public speaking.

- Avoidance of certain social situations.

- The fear of sweating, flushing, fainting in a particular society.

- Feelings of confusion before the other, unknown people / authorities / certain types of

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