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in general, are much more resilient as they face life’s inevitable challenges

The four ways to build social skills in preschool children through teaching.

. Social communication is a “language” and children are born with differences in their ability to learn this language, just as they have other learning differences .Many children who have problems in social skills choose the wrong tactics for interacting with other children. They may brag and try to get the attention of others, an approach that can often lead to group rejection. parents and teachers model and encourage good communication skills in children, the more quickly these skills will be learned. True empathy, the ability to appreciate and talk about other people’s
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It is believed that ‘’Teacher is the best role model to students’’ There are some great ideas about social skill activities that an educator can do with pre-schooler to help him/her learn how to setup and maintain reciprocal actions with other children. Teach the skill to say ‘’Hi’ ’When he/she meets someone new. Practice the skill and use the skill in real life. The teacher can the child outside the school. The educator has to remind the child that he will need to say ‘Hi’’ when he meets a new child. Keep reminding the child him about what to say if a new child arrives or joins the play. Children must gain self-confidence about something special about themselves. They should realize and identify their special interests and values too. The pre-schoolers must know their values, like family values and moral values. Another essential social task is pre-schoolers have to remember the names of their classmates, family members and friends. The educator can refresh the memory of the students by asking the names of the students in the class randomly, to make sure that they remember the names.Inaddition the pre-schoolers should get to know each other. They need to interact by giving and also accepting compliments

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