Essay On Social Status In Jane Eyre

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Natalia Jing
AP Literature
Ms. Otani

Social Status of People in Different Classes of Victorian England and how does is Revealed in the Character Jane Eyre. Through out history, the United Kingdom had always been at the leader position on whether the inspiration of new innovations or the strength of the nation overall. For this country, the Victorian Era, ruled by Queen Victoria, was undoubtedly the most glorious period, where industries and trading were expanded to the whole world. However, fast industrialization does not appear to benefit the lower class in Victoria at all. Farmer lost their land and they have to go to cities to survive, but that does not necessarily mean that it better either. Lower class in England basically
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She was born in an upper class family, however, her parents ' 's death made her as aa part of lower class since she was an orphan and her entire life was depending on her uncle’s family. However, her personality allows her to build relationship with other people from different classes regardless of their wealth and appearance. Even though she formed a deep relationship with other people from different classes, she still holds judgement towards some people of the upper class, whom she believed to be superficial and…show more content…
Through out the novel, Jane Eyre slap desires to a married upper class women with wealth and beauty since she does not hold those things in her self. In the book, Jane blamed her status for the reason that she can not be do the same thing that Mr. Rochester did with her, she says that, “And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I should have made it as hard for you to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you” (Bronte 482). This again, shows the division line between the lower class and higher class in Victorian England, which was the time that this book was written. Jane is like other people from lower class, desire the life of the higher class as she had shown in previous
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