Social Stratification In The Great Gatsby

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In The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald brings to our attention the ideas of greed, power, betrayal, and the American dream in the 1920’s. The social stratification peeks this list of themes as you can see through Nick Carraway 's point of view, the different complications of the everyday life. As Nick begins his new life in West Egg, he encounters three types of people. Daisy, an image of perfection, and grace, who comes from ‘old money’. Myrtle, born poor, and holds her reputation as the ‘other women’. Gatsby, from rags to riches in the ‘new money’ world, and in the end only desires the golden girl. Nick has create for us a definition of each class based on their different social gatherings, and their first impressions they possess on him. lP2- Party paragraph 1 Daisy’s east egg dinner party makes the feeling of east egg seem like a nice and pleasant place to live because of how dinner is set up and with everyone there having their own conversations. Her dinner party is designed for basically the rich which are the more wealthy people. The image for east egg is wealthy and peaceful. The dinner party also embodies the feeling of Daisy’s image by representing where she lives and also by the way she acts with the people surrounding her. lP3- Party paragraph 2 Residing as pawns in the game of ‘old money’, unable to buy their way…show more content…
When Tom had forced him to go to the gathering while Tom was with his mistress, Nick didn’t really seem comfortable to be around Myrtle 's family because they don’t have the money that the rich do. When the accident happened Nick didn’t really want to stop and see what happened because it happened at the gas station where Murtle lived and when he had seen her dead body he didn’t care. He didn’t care about the situation until he had found out the Daisy was driving the
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